Ikväll lirar Timbuk på Trädgårn

Kanske borde man göra ett besök där, maby maby.

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Anonym sa...


Hur svårt kan det vara?

Frankie sa...

Anonym, i korrekt brittisk engelska ja. Men jag talar inte sådan engelska.


A shortened version of Maybe created by Edward "Mardoxx" Blair.

Perhaps; possibly.

n. Informal

1. An uncertainty: There are so many maybes involved in playing the stock market.
2. An uncertain reply: It's better to receive a fast and honest no than a drawn-out maybe.
Person 1: Do you want to go out tonight?
Person 2: Maby, I might be busy tonight, I don't know!

Person 1: Will you be by girl-friend?
Person 2: Maby, I'll have to think about it.
*7 days later*
Person 2: I have thought about it, and I decided that it would be better if we stayed as good friends!