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GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN. The rockstar of dogowners, César Millán, 41, stirred up chaos during his visit to the dog fair "My Dog" in Gothenburg this weekend.
In an interview with GT the "Dog whisperer" now reveals his next career ambition.
"I'm going to run for governor of Californa", he says.

 "If Arnold Schwarzenegger could do it I can do it", said César Millán and leaned back in his hotel room chair.
"I'm not born in the US so I can't run for president but hopefully I could become the governor of Californa", he told us.
The tv-star came to the United States in his twenties as an illegal immigrant. Since then he has built up an impressive empire around the label "Dog Whisperer".
Today César Millán can brag about how he helped Oprah and president Barack Obama with the care of their dogs. Not to mention the list of billionaires among Milláns clients.

Total chaos
"Not too bad for a guy without school education, is it", Millán says.
At the dog fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, thousands of people came to listen to him speak. After the show total chaos broke out when dog loving fans wanted a piece of their idol.
"Dogs interested people way before I came along. But my style is to explain the issues for dog owners in a simple way so I think that is what they like about me".
He stands up and shows GT:s team how a person reacts when a dog starts barking.
"You back up and yell at the dogs owner. But the right action is to stand still and take it easy."
Milláns youth on a mexican farm has formed his philosphy.
"In Mexico dogs live among chickens and never attack. But in the US dogs attack the neighbours cat. It's a problem in our society and shows that we have a lot to learn about communication."

Markus Hankins

This article was originally published in western Swedens 
largest tabloid newspaper, GT, sunday january 9 2011.